DU2SRI is pleased to offer the following services to its members and to the community.  Please see the Membership page for details about how these services match up with different membership levels.


Unmanned aerial and ground vehicles will become a major part of many business offerings in the coming years. In order to understand the opportunities and challenges for your business, DU2SRI offers 1-5 day short courses on the “Technology of UAS”. These courses can be targeted at managers who need a broad overview, or to engineers who need to bootstrap their knowledge in this area.

Market Technology Analysis

Before jumping into a new market, or incorporating unmanned systems into your strategic plan, it is important to understand the landscape and available technology. DU2SRI will prepare a detailed report outlining the major technologies (vehicles, sensors, ground-control stations, communications, equipment, etc.) that are relevant to a particular product / service offering. This includes product analysis, competitive analysis, and also a summary of recent developments in academic and research labs that are related to your specific needs.

Research & Development

In the rapidly changing field of unmanned systems, new product and service ideas must utilize cutting edge research, but in a practical way. DU2SRI prides itself on its ability to design and develop fully functional unmanned system prototypes by integrating off-the-shelf components with novel, state of the art research findings.  If your company is in need of a proof-of-concept or working prototype, DU2SRI can help.

SBIR / STTR Collaborations

DU2SRI is interested in technology transfer and in commercializing research prototypes. The Institute can provide its expertise to help your ideas become a reality. Please contact us about SBIR / STTR collaborations.

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