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ICUAS’15, June 9-12, in Denver-Colorado

The 2015 International Conference on Unmanned Aircraft Systems will be held in Denver, June 9-12, 2015.

Integrated Robotics Patent License Agreement Signed

New helicopters join DU2SRI fleet

DU2SRI received two brand new, Class I, Bergen Industrial Turbine unmanned helicopters, which will be equipped with an in-house built sense-and-avoid radar-based system and a new generation sensor suite and autonomous navigation system.


The specifications of these helicopters are:

  • Length: 59” (1.5 m)
  • Height: 22″  (0.55 m)
  • Weight: 18 lb. (8.2 kg)
  • Main Blade Size: 850 mm
  • Tail Blade Size: 130 mm
  • Engine: Jetcat SPH5 Heli
  • Payload: 25 lb.(11.3 kg)
  • Flight time: 30 min.


After this (first) addition of turbine (kerosene) helicopters, DU2SRI hosts a diverse fleet of unmanned helicopters (electric, gas, kerosene), able to be used in a wide variety of applications.

DU2SRI New off-Campus facility, 3500 Windsor Dr #500 Aurora, CO 80011

DU2SRI acquired a new off-campus facility at the Strategic Simulation Solutions, to be used as a hosting facility for our equipment, work space for research development and experimentation, and site for demonstrations and events. All the fleet\equipment has been moved to the hangar and DU2SRI is in the process of setting up several workstations inside the hangar along with a small machine shop to support the research needs of the Institute.



Website Kick Off

DU2SRI is proud to announce that its new website is available to public. We welcome you and invite you to navigate through the pages where you can find detailed information about our Institute. Make sure you visit this webpage often since updated information and news will be regularly published. Please do not hesitate to contact us for comments and feedback.