The mission of the DU2SRI is to promote knowledge, education, research and development in unmanned systems, contributing to: the advancement of higher education; benefiting students, researchers, scientists, engineers and practitioners; advancing the state-of-the-art in unmanned systems. It is the vision of the Institute to play a key role in the State’s efforts to make Colorado as one of the six UAS sites and to collaborate with Spaceport Colorado, pushing forward the frontiers of unmanned systems leading to the next generation of fully autonomous UAS.

Helicopter close up lab shot

Educational Objectives

  • Educate students and graduate 21st century engineers ready to engage in R&D in unmanned systems
  • Offer focused graduate degrees (MS, PhD) in unmanned systems preparing graduates to lead the effort to develop the next generation UAS
  • Offer specialized Certificate Programs to scientists, engineers, researchers, practitioners and end-users in the local community

Research Objectives

  • Conduct basic research to advance the theoretical foundations and framework for designing the next generation of UAS
  • Conduct applied research and development that will lead to building and testing fully functional UAS prototypes
  • Engage in technology transfer facilitating transition to commercializable UAS prototypes, also encouraging the creation of spin-off startup companies

Service Objectives

  • Collaborate with State authorities and industry to assist in promoting Colorado as the key State in Aerospace Industry
  • Establish the Institute as one of the major components to make Colorado one of the six UAS sites
  • Offer training to practitioners interested in UAS
  • Offer short-courses to industry and the private sector on specific topics of interest
  • Assist in efforts to establish the roadmap to integrate UAS into the National Airspace

Revenue Objectives

  • Attract federal funding (grants) via successful competitive proposals
  • Attract funding via strategically chosen partners from Academia and Industry
  • Generate revenue through contracts from private sector/industry
  • Generate revenue by providing design, implementation and testing services
  • Generate revenue from memberships and gifts