Universtity of Denver developing unmanned aerial vehicle technology, UAV

DENVER, CO. РFEBRUARY 28: Exchange student Alessandro Benini, of Italy, uses a Quadcopter to demonstrate his work in vision aided autonomous landing for unmanned aerial vehicles at the University of Denver in Denver, CO February 28, 2013. The possibility of drones  flying over U.S. airspace received a major bump when the Federal Aviation Administration set in motion a state application process for attaining a test site designation, a title Colorado is vying for. A group of more than 30 stakeholding entities believe that Colorado, with its robust aerospace industry, established research institutions and major military presence have the talent to succeed in attaining one of six test sites that the FAA will allocate by the end of the year. DU is one of the stakeholders with its Unmanned Systems Research Institute. The faculty and student-run lab develops and builds navigation control systems, sense and avoid technology, emergency landing technology and small frame UAVs. (Photo By Craig F. Walker/The Denver Post)

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